Decorative Listellos

There are details that make the difference and convey light and elegance to any environment.  Decorative listellos or wall profiles belong definitely to this category: with their mere presence, they can entirely transform a room, whether it is a bathroom, bedroom or a kitchen.

Decorative listellos come in all types and sizes: Endless variations that can be adapted to different needs and rooms. Just to name a few, Prolist is a line of decorative listellos designed to create refined and attractive aesthetic effects on ceramic walls. They are available in different materials and colours, and can be matched with profiles in the Protrim, Proangle and Proangle Q lines to obtain interesting combinations.

Decorative listellos are extremely versatile products, which may be used in industrial, public and civil environments. Q Proangle, in particular, is a line of universal profiles especially suitable to close and protect external corners of wall tiles, whose square shape defines clearly the laying of coverings, avoiding thus the unaesthetic and fragile 45-degree cut at the tile edge. It is particularly suitable for closing and protecting floors and step edges made of the most varied materials including parquet, stone and resins, and can also serve as finishing of work plans and footboards.

In short, there are numerous solutions which can adapt to any need and form: Perfect and customized solutions for any room of the house, starting mainly from bathroom and kitchen, or spaces that often lend themselves to the use of decorative listellos. Exactly as with skirting boards, these usually perform functions of protection and room beautification.

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Decorative Listellos

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Decorative Listellos

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