The black skirting board


Why choosing a black skirting board?

Enhancing the room of the house means being able to combine shades with shapes and models, making the style of the house uniform and refined. For this reason, the smallest details, such as the skirting board, can also make the difference. The black skirting board is an example: a connection element between the wall and the floor that, if in this colour, makes the style of the house really modern and minimalist.

If chosen with care, the skirting board may become an important element that can give a strong character to the space. If the floor is characterized by dark colours or specific drawings, a black skirting board perfectly combines with the room colours, camouflaging itself and creating a sober and minimalist effect.

Conversely, if the floor and the wall are characterized by light colours, you can opt for a black skirting board as it strongly stands out among the soft background, maintaining its moderation and highlighting the soft context.

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Profilpas black skirting boards

There are two models of black skirting boards in the PVC Line of Profilpas. Let’s find out them!

PVC Line 8605 is a foam PVC skirting board, covered with PDS film. This item is available in 73 decors, included the black one, and it is customizable with an order of minimum 500 meters. PVC Line 8605 can be fixed to the wall with adhesive (PP/96) or nail; it is waterproof, doesn’t contain formaldehyde, is resistant to shocks (AC3 certified), UV and products usually used for the cleaning of floors and walls.

PVC Line 8608 is also a foam PVC skirting board, covered with Alcrom® Plus film. Available in 35 decors, included the black one, it is also customizable with an order of minimum 500 meters. PVC Line 8608 can be fixed to the wall with a proper fixing clip, adhesive (PP/96) or nail, and has the same technical features as 8605.

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The other models of the range PVC Line, that are 8600, 8596, 8598, 8602, 8603 and 8607, are also available in the black decor [code 557]. Every model is in foam PVC and resistant to shocks. Moreover, they are inexpensive, easy-to-lay and suitable for any space.

Lastly, the Metal Line 90/6SF model is a black skirting board, or better anthracite grey, in colour-coated aluminium. As all the models of Metal Line 90, this skirting board allows to create an elegant and refined connection between the wall and the floor: thanks to a protruding flange, it guarantees a perfect covering of the perimetral area and satisfies, in this way, the need to hide the perimetral expansion gap of floating floors. Furthermore, its installation on the wall is easy and rapid through the use of suitable adhesives.

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