Bendable skirting boards


Bendable skirting boards for columns and curved surfaces

If you have to deal with curved columns or curved walls, what you need is a specific skirting board designed ad hoc. The ideal solution is represented by bendable skirting boards: their main characteristic is flexibility, and they can be used both to protect and to decorate curved surfaces or those surfaces that are not completely straight.

This is the reason why Profilpas has designed a line of bendable skirting boards: the Metal Line 90 FX in silver anodised aluminium. These skirting boards can be 4, 6 and 8 cm high in order to be adaptable to every kind of context. Moreover, they can be used for columns with a diameter of at least 30 cm.

Profilpas kit for bendable skirting boards

Thanks to the use of Proflex Machine, this kind of skirting boards can be curved according to the diverse needs. Proflex Machine is a manual machine designed and built to model and curve Profilpas Proflex Line profiles.

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Proflex Machine is equipped with a proper kit and, if you need to curve the PLAF, PLMF and 90/FX Metal Line, more kits are available. Pronivel PLAF and Prostep GF are other kinds of bendable profiles for floors of different level, also ideal for steps or platforms with a curved shape.

Aluminium Bendable Skirting Boards

Bendable skirting boards are specifically designed to create refined finishes. They are shock- and water- resistant, and, moreover, they are ideal for that furnishing solutions that follow the most refined tendency based on soft and sinuous lines. Created to protect the lower side of columns or curved walls, the line of bendable skirting boards designed by Profilpas is able to satisfy different housing needs, from the small spaces to the bigger ones.

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