Bendable aluminium profiles

Bendable aluminium profiles

Today the curved lines are the great protagonists of interior design with their charm and their sinuous lines. They are also often present in public places or places with columns inside. However, this may cause some difficulties in the laying of floors and for this reason we need to focus on bendable aluminum profiles.

But what are they? These items are designed to follow effectively the non-linear course of the floor along specific geometric shapes, which may be present, for example, in contemporary spaces or in large structures dedicated to specific activities. Therefore, for a correct installation, it is essential to use ad hoc functional products such as bendable aluminum profiles.

Furthermore, in addition to its physical characteristics, this type of product is distinguished for its aesthetic dimension: indeed, it has an excellent appearance without the need for finishing, even if it may be enriched with specific anodizing, which can call silver or gold to mind.

Bendable aluminium profiles: Profilpas products

Bendable aluminium profiles - Prodecor Flex - DAF 100

Prodecor Flex DAF 100

Profilpas has devised a set of aluminum bendable profiles: Proflex line. This bendable profiles line is designed for the laying of floors made of different materials: from ceramics to parquet, from carpet to wood and laminate. They can be used wherever it is necessary to follow the curved line of the floor. Their application is facilitated by the use of Proflex machine and its accessories, which allow you to shape the elements easily, adapting them to different contexts and type of curvatures.

Bendable aluminium profiles - Projoint - 99 T

Projoint – 99 T

In the field of bendable aluminum profiles, we should also cite Joint Flex line, specifically designed for the separation, protection and decoration of floors of same height in ceramic, marble and laminate. They are characterized by an arrow profile which guarantees an excellent anchoring on the surface thanks to sealants and adhesives.

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On the contrary, for floors of different height, you may choose the bendable aluminum profiles Pronivel PLAF/ and Prostep GF/ which are also suitable for steps and platforms with a curvilinear section.

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