Bathroom profiles

Bathroom profiles

The bathroom or the kitchen are almost ready, the tiles have been laid, the bathroom fixtures have been installed. However, something is still missing: the gap between the wall and the countertop or the washbasin, the bidet and the bathtub must be sealed. In this case, bathroom profiles are a valid alternative to the common sealant. While the latter tends to blacken and to mold after a few months if not constantly cleaned and dried, the bathroom profiles, waterproof and non-toxic, do not change over time and allow to keep the area completely cleaned. Moreover, their concrete and linear design perfectly adapts to the style of any space and this makes them a clever choice even in public environments, laboratories or wherever you need a sealing effect.

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Elegance and perfect hygiene with Profilpas bathroom profiles

In colour-coated aluminium or PVC, Profilpas bathroom profiles Sanibord are particularly recommended as connecting element between ceramic tiles and bathroom fixtures or between tiled coverings and countertops.

Bathroom profiles - BP-22

BP/22 in coextruded PVC

The advantages are both practical and aesthetic: indeed, besides being pleasant and elegant to see, Sanibord allows a perfect cleaning. The catalogue also includes corner pieces and end caps to guarantee the best versatility of use.

Moreover, if you need an impeccable hygiene, you can choose the connection profile BH/20 between the tiled coverings and the bathroom fixtures. It is provided with a certified antibacterial technology that allows to reduce the presence of the most dangerous bacteria until 99%. This is guaranteed by the JIS Z 2801-2000, one of the strictest tests in the world regarding the antimicrobial safety.

In conclusion, Profilpas bathroom profiles are an efficient alternative to the sealant thanks to their features that make them suitable for every need, both aesthetic and practical.

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