Archiproducts talks about Profilpas skirting boards!

Profilpas in the big network of Archiproducts

Archiproducts is part of Archipassport, the biggest international network dedicated to the world of architecture and design. Profilpas takes part in this enormous net that includes four portals linked with each other: Archiproducts; Archiportale, the most popular online magazine dedicated to architecture and design in Italy; Edilportale, the biggest portal for construction industry and architecture in Italy; and, lastly, Archilovers, the community social network. Professionals all around the world meet each other in this virtual net to communicate, exchange information and keep up-to-date with architecture, design and construction.

Just to cite some figures: the network relies on 1 million subscribers, 42 million visits per year and 1.7 million followers on the most famous social networks!

Archiproducts is a real virtual showcase where millions of visitors can keep up-to-date with products, news and events. Profilpas products are also present in this big virtual fair with many products sheets enriched by detailed descriptions and images. So, a real quick and easy digital catalogue!

→ Find out Profilpas products on Archiproducts here!

This month, Archiproducts has dedicated to us a DEM about our collection of skirting boards: a set of full and efficient solutions that can meet every need thanks to the variety of materials, from aluminium to stainless steel and PVC!

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Archiproducts - Profilpas Skirting Boards

The next DEM has been scheduled on May 2nd.

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