Profilpas and its aluminum skirting board at Expo 2015!

Skirting board in anodized aluminum, Profilpas at Expo 2015 in Milan

The range of skirting board Metal Line Profilpas was selected by the designers of some of Expo 2015 Milan pavilions, as a finishing touch and a definition of the perimeters of the stands, aiming to dedicated attention to every last detail. In fact, in any room, skirting board is a key to completing the space, endowing it with efficiency and a touch of sophistication.
Profilpas skirting board can be used both in a private home and for pavilions, shops, company offices, and hospitals. It is suitable for any type of environment, wherever a finishing detail is needed. The line of skirting board Profilpas offers different combinations in terms of design and functionality, depending on the needs and objectives of each client. That is why this range of products is very versatile and offers a multitude of solutions that can satisfy any request regarding design, colours, finishes, and materials, in order to create an elegant joint between the wall and the floor.

Profilpas has provided its skirting board for various important structures and buildings, including the Brazil Pavilion and Japan Pavilion, created especially for Expo 2015 in Milan.

Metal Line 90 / and 98/7 for the Brazil Pavilion

For the space dedicated to Brazil, Profilpas has provided two types of aluminum skirting boards: models 90/4 and 98/7, installed by the company Heraclia Pavimenti from Eraclea (Veneto region). The range Metal Line 90  comprises skirting board in anodized aluminum available in different finishes and heights. A range that is the ultimate expression of minimalism, a skirting board that provides a perfect and graceful connection between the wall and the floor.

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With its slightly protruding edge, this model provides excellent coverage of the perimeter. This meets the technical needs of floating floors, hiding even the minimum perimeter expansion spaces.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Boards - Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90

Easy and quick installation on the wall, using appropriate adhesive agents (type PP / 86), the skirting board line Metal Line 90 also includes special fitting components for external angles, internal angles, ends and junctions, all working to create a smooth linear finish. The skirting board in this line is offered in four types of materials: Anodized aluminum, brill aluminum, painted aluminum, and stainless steel.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Boards - Metal Line 90 Profilpas

Metal Line 90

The second article provided for the Brazil Pavilion is the anodized aluminum skirting board Metal Line 98/7.

This skirting board is created to house any type of service cables (phone, computer, TV), helping to both conceal and protect the wiring. Its sinuous line speaks refinement, and the interlocking installation system provides simple and practical installation on supports of natural aluminum attached to the wall with screws and plugs, thus leaving any service cables inside easily accessible for maintenance.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Boards - Metal Line 98 7

Metal Line 98/7

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Besides their decorative function, they fully meet the technical requirements, helping to conceal the perimeter expansion space of floating floors. This line also features special installation components including external angles, internal angles, junctions and ends, to create a smooth linear finish.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Boards - Metal Line 98/7

Metal Line 98/7

Metal Line 89/4 for the Japan Pavilion

For the Japan Pavilion Profilpas provided skirting boards from its Metal Line 89/4 in silver finish.

This skirting board in anodized aluminum, available in different finishes, is distinguished by its square shape and an unobtrusive presence that fits perfectly into every type of environment. It is also of quick and easy to install on the wall, using appropriate adhesive agents (type PP / 96) nylon dowels.

Anodized Aluminum Skirting Boards - Metal Line 89 4

Metal Line 89/4

Metal Line is a line of trendy skirting boards, a result of research conduced by Profilpas into the various materials, a fruit of this company’s constant attention to the world of furniture and design.

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