Aluminium profiles for kitchen tops

The detail that makes the difference: aluminium profiles for kitchen tops

Created to define the outline of open kitchens and coffee bars tops, these aluminium profiles for kitchen tops designed by Profilpas are one of the best solutions to define a detail whose care can change the look of the whole piece of furniture.

Cerfix Protop profile perfectly meets this need: it is designed for the protection and finishing of external corners of worktops, ceramic coatings and stone to be laid. They are also applicable to platforms and tiled steps. Cerfix Protop aluminium profiles for kitchen tops are completed by special elements, also available to create connections with purpose of external corners (90 and 135 degrees) and internal corners (90 and 135 degrees).

The features of aluminium profiles for kitchen tops

These aluminium profiles for kitchen tops can be made of anodised or polished aluminium. The anodised aluminium ones, produced by extrusion and then anodised, are characterized by a good resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

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Aluminium Profiles for Kitchen Tops

Aluminium profiles for kitchen tops are those finishing details that surely make the difference in defining the outline of a kitchen worktop. However, their usage requires some further attention. The visible surface of the profile must be immediately cleaned from cement, glue or other materials used for joints, that, if wet, can produce alkaline substances that cause metal corrosion.

How to lay aluminium profiles for kitchen tops

Aluminium profiles for kitchen tops can be easily laid at home, all you have to do is following some simple devices. After having removed the profile from the packaging, you need to check that the thickness of the covering to be laid corresponds to the height of the selected profile. Then, remove, if necessary, the protection of the profile finishing.

After having verified the necessary length, you should cut the profile according to the required measurement. Then, you should put and delicately press the adhesive until the surface is perfectly aligned with the profile and to the right distance for the joint. In the end, seal the joint with the specific jointing substance and accurately clean the substances and the glue within 10 minutes from the application with a soft sponge and water.

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