Aluminium corner profiles

Aluminium corner profiles: a practical and useful solution for coverings already laid

Linking and protecting corners of coverings, protecting children or old people from possible shocks, adding a decorative finish to a wall: the purposes and the reasons that can push you to install corner profiles are different. These items are especially efficient for the protection of the external corners of coverings that are mostly exposed to shocks: the ceramic tiles applied on vertical walls and arranged on sharp corners are rather fragile and the corners tend to splinter over time. Moreover, the corner profiles allow to hide the unsightly cut at 45 degrees and guarantee a perfect linearity and uprightness.

The aluminium corner profiles are especially suitable for the application in places with high frequency of passages such as public offices, apartments, malls, hotels and cafes where the corners of coverings are mostly exposed to shocks and, therefore, to breakages. On the contrary, the most recommended material for hospitals and industries is stainless steel since it is further resistant to shocks and chemical agents.

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Aluminium corner profiles Procorner M: protection and fast installation

Profilpas catalogue includes a wide selection of corner profiles for every need. For example, Procorner M is a line of corner profiles for the protection of external corners that you can install on ceramic surfaces already laid or on other coverings. Procorner M includes aluminium, stainless steel, brass or PVC corners profiles. Aluminium corner profiles are available in different finishes such as silver anodised, gold anodised, colour-coated white RAL 9003, and in different sizes, such as 20×20, 25×25 and 30×30.

Aluminium corner profiles - Procorner M 210

Procorner M 210/ in silver anodised aluminium

The aluminium corner profiles Procorner M can be laid with glue and some models are available in the self-adhesive version for an easier and faster installation.

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