Among efficiency and practicality: the advantages of outdoor raised floors

The advantages of outdoor raised floors

Giving a new face to the outdoor spaces can seem a challenge. Fortunately, there are practical and high-performance solutions on the market: this is the case of the raised or elevated floor, that guarantees the best result both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Suitable for terraces and gardens, the outdoor raised floor has many advantages connected to its structure and its possibilities of installation.

Why choosing a raised floor?

The Advantages of a Raised Floor | Profilpas

PP Level DUO

This solution allows everyone to give a new image to the house, without carrying out invasive interventions in the outdoor spaces: indeed, the installation can be made on the existing surface, provided that there are no seepages, through specific supports. The gap between the floor and the underlying surface can be used for hiding unsightly elements such as tubes and systems, thus creating a tidy outdoor space.

Terraces, gardens, verandas, walkways and pool sides: all the outdoor spaces can be covered with this solution. The materials can be ceramic, stone, marble, granite, cement and decking: a wide choice to create a perfect harmony with the furniture and the house.

As for the outdoor raised floor, the advantages are many:

  • thermal insulation thanks to the gap between the floor and the underlying layer that facilitates the air recirculation;
  • water outflow thanks to the joints between the tiles;
  • speed of installation;
  • saving: no demolition in case of renovation and no cost for the creation of the screed;
  • easy access to underlying tubes or systems in case of maintenance or cleaning: just lift a panel to intervene directly, without damaging the floor.

PP Level DUO:  an extremely functional product

The Advantages of a Raised Floor | Profilpas

PP Level DUO

PP Level DUO is the support for raised floors created by Profilpas, designed to simplify and speed the installation, thanks to the possibility to choose between fixed or self-levelling head in an instant.

This product provides numerous advantages, including:

  • greater speed of installation: maximum 5 seconds to assemble the support
  • height adjustment from the top through the specific adjustment key to adjust the floor with precision and facility
  • solid and blunt base to protect the waterproofing
  • acoustic insulation thanks to the noise-proof rubber
  • system of draining holes and canalizations to impede the stagnation of water
  • solid support base of 340 cm2 for a better distribution of the weight
  • temperature resistance from – 40° C to + 80° C
  • pre-cut tabs for 2, 3 and 4 mm joints

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