Why choosing LVT floors

The advantages of LVT floors

Great versatility, resistance to wear and water: these are the words that better summarize the advantages of LVT floors. But what is this solution that has been widely appreciated by architects and designers over the last years? LVT, acronym of Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a material that integrates the advantages of the traditional laminate floors with another important feature: the low thickness. Its height varies from 4.5 to 5.5 mm and, for this reason, this is a perfect solution if applied over an existing floor. This is an added value that makes the LVT floor highly appreciated for refurbishments.

But the advantages of LVT floors are various: this material is particularly waterproofing and, for this reason, it is suitable for moist spaces, such as bathrooms, wellness centres or kitchens. In addition to the great versatility and the possibility to use it in difficult contexts, LVT is highly resistant to wear and, for this reason, can also withstand frequent foot traffic: this is an essential feature for shops, restaurants and hotels.

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Profix Thin profiles by Profilpas

Profilpas has created a wide range of profiles in order to meet the needs of those who want to finish the LVT floor. Profix Thin is particularly suitable for this context: this is a system for the floating laying of LVT floors from 4 to 6 cm. In particular, the junction profile Z/4, the connection profile C/4 and the edging profile S/4 are available in anodised aluminium and can be covered with ALCROM® PLUS film. Moreover, the top profiles must be interlocked with the PVC base. Thanks to these high quality elements, where functionality combines with the aesthetic appearance, the advantages of LVT floors are further appreciated as they make the home a well-finished place.

Advantages of LVT floors - Profix Thin Z4

Profix Thin Z4

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