Flush recessed skirting boards: the detail that makes the difference

Advantages of flush recessed skirting boards

The skirting board is an important element in the house, especially for its functionality: it protects the surfaces from the filth and the strokes of broomsticks and vacuum cleaners and it is sometimes useful for hiding possible imperfections in the joint between the wall and the floor. Therefore, the skirting board is essential for its functions, but it is also an element that makes the difference in the style of the house.

Today there are different kinds of skirting boards: tone-on-tone, for a discrete and almost invisible result, or in contrast with the wall and the floor; protruding or flush recessed. In particular, the advantages of flush recessed skirting boards are countless: first of all, these skirting boards have a shape that perfectly matches contemporary interiors, where finishes and openings are all flush with the wall. Moreover, thanks to their shape, it is possible to place closets, beds and dressers perfectly close to the wall without leaving gaps where dust can seep into.

Furthermore, among the advantages of flush recessed skirting boards, there is versatility: indeed, they are perfect with sliding systems and swing doors and guarantee a clean and uniform result. Thanks to this kind of skirting board, there is no protrusion where dust might set down.

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Advantages of flush recessed skirting boards - 87/6 + 88/I6SF

87/6 in natural aluminium + 88/I6SF insert in silver anodised aluminium

Flush recessed skirting boards Metal Line designed by Profilpas

Profilpas is a specialist in the creation of design and functional skirting boards. In particular, the models Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6 are the perfect solution for those who are looking for elegant and functional flush recessed skirting boards for plaster and plasterboards. Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6 are composed of two distinct elements: a base in natural aluminium and an insert available in different types of wood and in silver anodised aluminium or matt white colour-coated aluminium. Once completed, the optical effect is that of a skirting board integrated with the wall which outlines the perimeter of the room without limits. The installation must be done in two different phases: the base must be installed when the room is still unfinished, and the insert must be put after the laying of the floor.

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