The new trend of design? The floor level showers

The advantages of a floor level shower

According to the new trends of interior design, the bathroom is increasingly assuming a role of place dedicated to wellness and relax. For this reason, the interior design has evolved by offering a series of solutions that affect even the classic shower box, now replaced with the floor level shower. The advantages of a floor level shower are different and, in this article, we will talk about the most important ones.

What are the advantages of a floor level shower? First of all we should mention the economic benefits. Installing a floor level shower is less expensive than creating a traditional shower with the same dimension: you just need to buy the drain and all the components for the shower box.

Moreover, thanks to this solution, you can take advantage of the whole space of the room more easily: in the smallest places, and not just that, the size of the classic shower boxes can become an obstacle. Being without standard measures, the floor level showers can meet every requirement, adapting to the shapes and the different dimensions of the place where they are placed.

Besides being an absolute solution of style, this kind of shower is also the best to create a pleasant continuity of the bathroom surface. Lastly, we should not forget that this solution is also suitable for the physically-challenged people because it allows to eliminate the step created by the shower tray. Una stanza priva di barriere architettoniche è infatti una stanza per tutti.

When you decide to create a floor level shower, you have to take into account that you can just do it during the construction or the refurbishment, as it is not possible to install it after the creation of the bathroom.

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Advantages of a floor level shower - Smart Drain

Smart Drain

Profilpas solutions to customize your shower

The advantages of a floor level shower are all summarized in its ease of installation that requires only a drain. For this reason, Profilpas has created Thin DrainSmart Drain and Slim Drain.

Thin Drain is a line of floor level shower drains is characterized by an height of just 55 mm. Thanks to this reduced height, the shower drains Thin Drain are specifically recommended for refurbishments.

Smart Drain is a line of floor level shower drains that are quick and easy to install and allow to customize the shower with every kind of covering. With a overall height of 75 mm and different available measures, it is perfect for large format tiles.

Slim Drain is a line of floor level showers with the same features. The only difference is the syphon that, differently from Smart Drain, has a reduced thickness (65 mm). This feature makes it suitable for the refurbishments or in spaces where you wish to enhance the lightness or the versatility.

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