Great results for the racing team La Superba!

64° Rallye Sanremo: a great start to the season for the racing team La Superba!

After the excellent results obtained at the 40th edition of Rally del Ciocco, La Superba has achieved other great successes. During the 64th Rallye Sanremo, for the Italian Rally Championship, the crew Paris-Benellini scored another spectacular success with the first place in the Group R1, thus keeping the leading position in the Renault Trophy. For the category Sanremo Leggenda, the crew Benvenuti-Torielli gained the second place aboard Clio R3C. Excellent result also for the couple Repetto-Franchi who gained the third place in the Group N2 aboard Peugeot 106.

64th Rallye Sanremo

With the 7th edition of the Lirenas rally, held from the 7th to the 9th April, the IRCup (International Rally Cup) started. During this race, the crew Calvi-Ramacciotti gained the first place among the feminine crews.

7th Lirenas rally

So, a great start to the season! We, Profilpas team, want to congratulate all racers and to wish best of luck for the next races!