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Which skirting boards are suitable for carpeted flooring?

Carpet is a soft and colourful way to cover flooring. Widely used in hotel rooms, these days it is used less often inside people’s homes. Notwithstanding this, anyone who has carpets will surely need to find suitable skirting boards for this type of flooring. That is exactly why we are talking about skirting boards for carpet today!

Carpet is a floor covering that is extremely easy to lay, made up of a support in rubber latex, jute, or other synthetic materials, onto which various types of thread are inserted.

Carpet has many good properties: first of all it is soft to the touch and economical. Add to that how easy it is to lay and its acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, carpets available on the market do not have any problems with static charge: in the new designs available in the shop small quantities of conductor wires are inserted into the carpet’s wool, in order to eliminate this problem.

Profilpas skirting boards for carpet

We will now find out about skirting boards models for carpet designed by Profilpas!

PVC Line 148 is a skirting board we have created for carpet and PVC and is made up of two profiles: a base in rigid PVC and clip in soft PVC. Used as a scotia trim, once laid and covered, it allows rounded connection trims to be installed. The advantages of this skirting board for carpet lie in its ability to aesthetically refine and cover the ends of the carpet, and that when put in place, the PVC covers any potential inaccuracies in the cut. This product is recommended in particular for community centres, hospitals and schools.

Skirting Board for Carpet - PVC Line 148

PVC Line 148

Other skirting boards for carpet are PVC Line 169, 170, 171, 172 and 173, a range of scotia trim profiles in plasticised PVC. Recommended for laying carpet and PVC, these skirting boards create a uniform curve between the floor and wall.

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