Renovating the house for spring: a matter of details


Renovating the house for spring: attention to curtains and walls

Renovating the house for spring is a thing that many people are eager to do every year in order to get ready for the new season in the best way, maybe by following the latest trends in colours and by paying specific attention to details.

To give an example, the walls of a perfect house for 2017 are in pastel colours – from pink to light blue, from iris yellow to green -, also combined with a refined tone of grey.  The current trends also satisfy those who love bringing nature inside the house, with shades that recall the world of flowers: from yarrow pink to dahlia red that are perfect if combined with an intense green.

However, renovating the house for spring also means paying attention to details, such as the curtains. The keyword for this season is just one: stripes. And there’s more: even rhombuses and other geometric shapes inspired by the 70s and 80s are becoming important. An atmosphere of past times is also created by the pleated curtains that will liven up the house in the spring with their folds.

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Renovating the house for spring with Profilpas

Changing colour for renovating the house for spring also means combining the new shades with all the rest, starting from details. Profilpas is always attentive to details and has designed the skirting boards Metal Line 90 that, thanks to the inspiration to contemporary design, make the space elegant and modern, whatever the shape and the finish. These skirting boards are in anodised aluminium and are proposed in different finishes and heights in order to create the best junction between the floor and the wall. Moreover, they allow to hide the perimetral expansion gap of a floating floor thanks to the curved part.

Renovating the house for spring - Skirting board Metal Line 90

Skirting board Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90 is suitable for the housing comfort, especially in the Silent version. Indeed, it reduces the impact noise transmission until 67%.  Both for the Silent version and for the standard models, there are new metal accessories available. Inside and outside corners, junctions and end caps are now available both in polypropylene and in metal to give an added value to the same skirting board that acquires a more refined aesthetic appearance.

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