Profilpas profiles for LVT floors: the great news of 2016

Profilpas profiles for LVT floors

This 2016 began with a great news for Profilpas: the line of profiles for LVT floors. Thanks to the long-time experience in the field of laminate floors proved by a full range of profiles for this material, Profilpas has been able to develop a line of specific products for floating and glued LVT floors, specifically designed to adapt to their typical low thickness.

Moreover, thanks to the digital printing technology, Profilpas has created new and different decors that perfectly reproduce wood, stone and resin in order to adjust to the most used finishes of LVT floors. The combination of experience and innovation has determined the success of this line that is already registering really positive feedback.

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…why choosing the LVT? Acronym of Luxury Vinyl Tile, this material adds the low thickness from 4.5 to 5.5 mm to the advantages of laminate floors and this feature makes it perfect for the installation in refurbishments. Other characteristics of LVT are the resistance to water that allows the use in moist places such as bathrooms, kitchens, spas, and the resistance to wear that makes it suitable for public places with frequent passages such as shops, restaurants and hotels. In a few words, nothing let you think that LVT floors are not an alternative solution in the field of flooring!

The Profilpas line of profiles for LVT floors

The main news are Profix Thin, the innovative system for the floating laying of LVT floors from 4 to 6 mm, and PVC Line 8605 skirting boards, both of them coverable with PDS film. In addition, movement joints, profiles for different and same heights, edging profiles, stair nosing profiles and connection profiles are available to make the floor complete and perfectly finished.

Profiles Profiles for LVT floors - Profix Thin covered by PDS film

Profiles for LVT floors Profix Thin covered by PDS film

Thanks to the digital printing system PDS (Profilpas Digital System), we are able to reproduce a film with the desired decor just by following a sample. Moreover, you can choose between many decors selected by following the new collections 2016 of the most famous LVT floors brands, such as Pergo, Haro, Unilin, Kronoswiss, Kronospan and Kindl.

Profiles for LVT floors Profix Thin covered by PDS film - Skirting board PVC Line 8605 covered by PDS film

Skirting board PVC Line 8605 covered by PDS film

Want to find out more? Download here our new brochure dedicated to the profiles for LVT floors!

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