Profilpas Metal Line skirting boards at Opolska Business Park in Krakow, Poland

Profilpas Metal Line skirting boards: the aluminium skirting boards for the Opolska Business Park

Echo, the biggest developer of Poland which is taking an active role in the biggest projects in Krakow (the old capital), has chosen Profilpas aluminium skirting boards Metal Line 90/7 SF for the new Opolska Business Park.

This project consists in the construction of three buildings in the north of Krakow, in a strategic position thanks to the proximity to Balice international airport and towards Warsaw, the current capital. This prestigious complex is intended for becoming a real business centre that will house many working offices. Each building has 12 floors with a total area of 57.000 square meters. The high standard of buildings and the green spaces around them make Opolska Business Park a perfect place for business in Krakow.

The architecture of these buildings is classic but, at the same time, modern and our skirting boards Metal Line 90/7 SF, thanks to their modern design and functionality, perfectly match with the clear lines of these buildings. The use of these skirting boards contributes to the