Profilpas profiles with Swarovski® for the penthouses of the Fairmont The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Profilpas for the Fairmont The Palm in Dubai

The Fairmont The Palm Hotel is located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the world’s largest man-made island shaped in the form of a palm tree. Losing yourself in the extraordinary beauty of this place is easy and watching the magnificence of the buildings is enough to make it happen. The Fairmont The Palm is one of these: this luxury hotel stands out in the Palm Jumeirah with all its greatness and beauty, offering a breath-taking view of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

Profilpas C Design profiles with Swarovski® have been selected for the penthouses of this luxurious hotel, spacious and comfortable luxury apartments on the top floor of the building.

Profilpas C Design profiles with Swarovski®

C Design is a line of high-class decorative profiles in chromed brass or 24K gold-plated brass, embellished with Swarovski® crystals. This line of profiles is born thanks to the collaboration between Profilpas and this high quality brand in order to meet the most refined needs and to offer an elegant alternative to the Greek frets or to ceramic and metal decorative listellos. Indeed, these profiles are suitable for ceramic coatings thanks to their straight line without protrusions.

C Design Profiles with Swarovski®

C Design profiles with Swarovski®

After many tests, Profilpas managed to use a new technology that takes advantage of the thermoplastic adhesive welding of each single Swarovski® crystal with the brass profile. This is done thanks to a machinery specifically engineered and designed for this activity and custom-tailored for Profilpas.

The Fairmont The Palm Hotel has chosen the golden C Design profiles Prodecor and Prostyle for its penthouses. Indeed, not only C Design line includes chromed brass profiles but also 24K gold-plated brass profiles. The combination between Swarovski® precious stones and the golden finishing gives brightness to the room where these profiles are laid. They are perfect for every room of the house, from bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms.

C Design Golden Profiles with Swarovski®

C design golden profiles with Swarovski®

C Design golden profiles Prodecor and Prostyle

Golden Profiles with Swarovski® - C Design Prodecor

C Design Prodecor

Both made of brass, C Design profiles Prodecor and Prostyle are produced by extrusion and, then, chromed or 24K gold-plated. The brass is resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and atmospheric agents. However, we suggest not to use it in area which are subject to foot traffic. Moreover, as brass is not resistant to every chemical, we suggest not to use products such as hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Golden Profiles with Swarovski® - C Design Prostyle

C Design Prostyle

The main difference between Prodecor and Prostyle is the visible thickness: Prodecor is 5 mm thick, while Prostyle is 10 mm think. Consequently, the former has one line of crystals and the latter has three.

C Design Prodecor and Prostyle

C Design Prodecor e Prostyle

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