Profilpas and Ceramiche Caesar for the pub Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico

The pub Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico

For those who love handcrafted beer, Pedavena beer is considered a symbol. The historic beer, born in 1897, has its origins in the small village of the same name in the province of Belluno, in the Veneto region. Over the years, this brand has become more and more famous thanks to the opening of many pubs, including the latest in Levico. The Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico, besides offering its local cuisine, proposes the full range of beers of the famous brand of Belluno, thus creating a mixture between traditions of Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige regions in a modern but typically alpine pub.

Pub Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico - Interior

Profilpas and Caesar Ceramiche, a state-of-the-art company of Modena specialised in the production of porcelain stoneware, have supplied their products exactly for the realization of this new place. Indeed, Caesar porcelain stoneware tiles and Profilpas profiles for external corners, have been laid together for the covering and the finishing of a flight of stairs of the pub. Furthermore, other Profilpas profiles have been used for the separation between ceramic and wood floors. The installation has been done by the company Martinelli Ceramiche of Levico Terme.

Profilpas profiles used for the Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico

Profilpas profiles used for the finishing of the flight of stairs are the external corners profiles of the Proangle Q line. It is a line of universal profiles specifically designed to seal and protect the external corners of ceramic coverings. Their square shape clearly defines the laying of the wall covering thus avoiding the unsightly and fragile 45 degrees edge of the tiles. These profiles are particularly suitable for the closure of the edges of steps and, in addition to ceramic, they can be applied on other different materials such as wood, stone and resin.

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External Corners Profiles Proangle Q ZQINP

External corners profiles Proangle Q ZQINP

The profiles laid together with Caesar porcelain stoneware are Proangle Q ZQINP in sandblast stainless steel. The innovative finishing in sandblast stainless steel is characterized not only by technical features but also by aesthetic ones that combine strength and modernity. Indeed, in addition to the pleasant opaque effect, sandblast stainless steel is highly resistant to scratches and wear-and-tear. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for the application on stairs and places that are subject to frequent foot traffic in general. Other important characteristics of sandblast stainless steel are mechanical resistance, high resistance to corrosion and good adaptability to architectural applications. Besides technical and functional characteristics, sandblast stainless steel, with its opaque finishing, is a real aesthetic material and, for this reason, is often used in interior design.

External Corners Profiles Proangle Q ZQINP in Sandblast Stainless Steel

External corners profiles Proangle Q ZQINP in sandblast stainless steel

Caesar tiles laid together with Profilpas profiles

Caesar porcelain stoneware and Profilpas profiles have created a perfect combination for the realization of the flight of stairs of the new pub-restaurant Fabbrica di Pedavena in Levico. Caesar has supplied its porcelain stoneware of Slab collection, in natural finishing, size 60×60, Silver colour. The material charm of slate creates a brand-new expression in Slab collection: these are structured but delicate surfaces, available in traditional dark colours that contrast with lighter ones thus creating a modern and design effect in the place where they are laid.

Caesar Porcelain Stoneware - Slab Silver Collection

Porcelain stoneware Slab, Silver of Caesar Ceramiche

Slab collection is part of Caesar Contract Solutions: high-quality products made in Italy that offer a perfect combination between technology, aesthetic and functionality, always respecting the environment.

Caesar Porcelain Stoneware of Slab Collection

Porcelain stoneware Slab, Silver of Caesar Ceramiche

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