Prolight line is enriched with new luminous ideas


Prolight: new profiles and skirting boards with LED light

Over the last years, lighting has become an essential topic during the phases of design and furnishing of interior spaces. Indeed, most of the interior designers pay special attention to the type of light and to the arrangement of it: a right positioning accentuates the character of the room, highlighting its strengths and making it more comfortable and well-finished. Among the most popular trends for interior lighting, there is LED light, an element of great aesthetic impact both in public and residential spaces which has opened a new chapter in the world of interior design.

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At Cersaie 2017, Profilpas presented new profiles and skirting boards with LED light in order to offer further possibilities of customization of spaces. Indeed, now Prolight line also includes Metal Line 88/I6L/A, an insert in anodised or white colour-coated aluminium for skirting boards flush with the wall, integrated with LED strip lighting system. Thanks to a thin visible gap, the light passes through the whole length of the profile, thus creating a beautiful luminous line.

Profiles and skirting boards with LED light - Prolight Metal Line 89/I6L/A

Prolight Metal Line 88/I6L/A

For the stairs, Profilpas proposed the new Prolight Prostep SGA/11L: a stair nosing profile in anodised aluminium with indirect LED lighting system, suitable for the installation during the laying of the ceramic or wooden covering.

Profiles and Skirting Boards with LED Light - Prolight Prostep SGA/11L

Prolight Prostep SGA/11L

Both products are available with dimmer for adjusting light intensity. Moreover, there is the possibility to choose between neutral white LED strips, warm white LED strips and RGB LED strips for changing the colour and the “personality” of the room with a simple remote control.

Profiles and skirting boards with LED light - Prolight Metal Line 89/I6L/A with RGB LED strip

Prolight Metal Line 88/I6L/A with RGB LED strip

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