Profilpas expands the range of colours of profiles and skirting boards for LVT flooring

Features of LVT flooring

LVT flooring, acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a new kind of flooring that is the result of the technological development of PVC boards. Through wood-, concrete- or stone-effect coatings, it offers a highly authentic look and, at the same time, all the benefits of a vinyl floor.

The most important technical features of this product are reduced thickness (usually between 4.5 and 5.5 mm), wear resistance, stain resistance and impermeability.

Over the last two years, the sales of this product have increased exponentially, occupying the market shares of the laminated floors. This has been principally caused by the fact that its technical features, compared to those of laminated floors, guarantee a longer durability.

However, there is still the matter of dimensional instability that is reflected in micro-movements of the flooring, and is called expansion. This is easily resolvable thanks to some devices that we are going to show in the following lines.

Profiles for LVT flooring solve the matter of expansion

The general method is leaving a perimetral gap of at least 10 mm from the walls. Consequently, this gap will be covered by a skirting board. Sides that are longer than 8-10 ml have to be interrupted with a joint of at least 30 mm that will be then covered by a coordinated profile, called expansion joint for floating floors.

Following the main features of this product, Profilpas has designed an extended range of aluminium profiles and PVC skirting boards coated with digital films that are highly resistant to wear and foot traffic (certified AC3).

Thanks to its long-time experience in the digital print, Profilpas offers these products in 70 standard wood decorative finishes and 8 standard stone/concrete decorative finishes, that are in in stock and in line with the main market trends.

Profix Thin range

Profiles for LVT Flooring - Profix Thin

Profix Thin System

This system is characterized by easy installation, reduced thickness of top profiles, dimensional stability, possibility of use with floors of thickness from 4 to 6 mm, availability in different decorative finishes (1 anodised finish and soon 70 standard wood decorative finishes and 8 standard stone/concrete decorative finishes).

Profiles for LVT Flooring - Profix Thin C4

Profix Thin C4

Profili per Pavimenti LVT - Profix Thin S4

Profix Thin S4

Profiles for LVT Flooring - Profix Thin Z4

Profix Thin Z4

PVC Line 8605: the skirting boards for LVT flooring

Skirting Boards for LVT Flooring - PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

Skirting Boards for LVT Flooring PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

The PVC Line 8605 skirting boards for LVT flooring, specifically designed and created for this kind of flooring, are made of foam PVC and offered in 70 wood decorative finishes, as well as 3 solid coloured finishes (white, black and silver) and 8 stone/concrete decorative finishes.

→ Learn more about PVC coloured skirting boards here!

Skirting Boards for LVT Flooring - PVC Line 8605

The customization of PVC skirting boards

Thanks to the digital printing system PDS (Profilpas Digital System), we are able to create and customize every finish for top profiles and skirting boards according to customers’ requirements.

Digital Printing System PDS (Profilpas Digital System)

The Alcrom® Plus film, that faithfully reproduces the drawing, colours and veining of the floor, can be applied both to the Profix Thin line and to the foam PVC Line 8605 skirting boards.

The whole digital processing, from scanning to digital printing and profiles coating, is done in-house.

Alcrom® Plus Film

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