Non-slip strips for external spaces


Non-slip strips for external spaces: accessories for safe places

Sliding is a risk to be considered in domestic, working and leisure spaces. Luckily, there is a solution available for everyone: indeed, the non-slip strips for external spaces are an efficient help for the prevention of ordinary accidents that could turn into heavy health and insurance costs.

Stairs and steps, as well as ramps and walkways, are just some of the dangerous elements that you can find in your way. Children and old people are the most exposed to these risks and, in the most severe cases, they can be forced into staying at rest due to simple falls.

Non-slip rolls Safety-Walk™ by 3M

Non-slip rolls Safety-Walk™ by 3M

Therefore, a special attention is required for those external surfaces that can easily become damp. In this case, the simple act of laying non-slip strips for external spaces contributes to avoid this kind of accidents at home, in the working place or in any public building. It is a minimal investment that can make you avoid greater expenses in case of accident. The right product must be resistant, long-lasting and easy to lay.

Practical and functional non-slip strips for external spaces by Profilpas

Profilpas knows that safety is important. For this reason, on catalogue, it offers the non-slip strips Safety-Walk™ of 3M: a line of self-adhesive non-slip coverings composed of abrasive particles fastened together by synthetic resins on a dimensionally stable support. These non-slip strips are recommended for all those surfaces with intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic, such as stairs, entrances of offices and apartment buildings, ramps, walkways, elevators, footplates of machines, emergency exits etc.. In addition to non-slip strips for external spaces, Safety-Walk™ line of 3M also includes the non-slip rolls.

Non-slip strips for external spaces

Non-slip stripes Safety-Walk™ by 3M

General Purpose is the version of non-slip strips and rolls available in black, yellow, brown and transparent colour which are suggested for external spaces such as surfaces with intense foot traffic, damp or dry flooring in industrial and commercial sectors, for example in warehouses, ramps, stairs, steps, footplates of machines, emergency exits.

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