New white skirting boards by Profilpas

New white skirting boards by Profilpas

White is a colour that combines elegance, sophistication and style at the same time. Its main feature is versatility: it adapts to any environment, both classic and modern, and matches any tonality, from the dark to the lighter ones. For these reasons, today white colour is increasingly demanded in the home furnishings, not only by the aficionados of the classic style but also by those who love the modern and minimalist one. Following this trend, Profilpas has introduced two important novelties: the brand-new skirting board PVC Line 8612 and a new insert 88/I6SF for the skirting board Metal Line flush with the wall.

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new white skirting boards by profilpas pvc line 8612

[White skirting board PVC Line 8612 ]

8612 is a skirting board in foam PVC with square shape that has the same features of the more classic 8605 and 8608 but, at the same time, is characterized by a modern and minimalist design. Available in white colour, this skirting board can be customized with an endless number of Alcrom Plus decors.

Lastly, 88/I6SF is the new matt white insert for the flush with the wall skirting boards Metal Line 88/6 and 87/6. Thanks to this important novelty, the feeling of space continuity and the integration into the wall are guaranteed and the sensation of space limit is fully missing.

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