Modern skirting boards


Modern skirting boards: their beauty and functionality

A house whose modern style is its main characteristic must be also furnished with the smallest details, such as finishing. Therefore, it is really important to insert suitable, high-quality and aesthetic connection elements between the floor and the wall, such as modern skirting boards.

Modern skirting boards are characterized by a minimalist and clean line. They prefer simplicity to affectation, finesse to excess. These skirting boards perfectly adapt to contemporary places inhabited by people who are searching for good taste in every house detail.

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The modern skirting boards offered by Profilpas

Always following the latest trend in the field of building finishing and furniture, Profilpas offers Metal Line Design 89/, a line of design skirting boards.

Modern Skirting Boards - 89-6 Titanium

89/6 Titanium

Metal Line Design is a line that considers the skirting board a customization element integrated with furniture.

Metal Line Design 89/4 and 89/6 are in aluminium, in the following finishing: platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon.

Moreover, Profilpas also proposes the models Metal Line 89/4, 89/6 and 89/8 in aluminium, in the following finishing: silver anodised, titanium anodised, colour-coated matt white, colour-coated ancient grey, colour-coated rust, bright satin titanium.

Modern Skirting Boards - 89-4 In Silver Anodised Aluminium

89/4 in silver anodised aluminium

These modern skirting boards are fixed to the wall through the use of suitable adhesives or dowels.

Why choosing this kind of skirting boards? Simple, because not only have they a decorative role, but also guarantee a perfect covering of the perimetral area, thus meeting the need of hiding expansion spaces of floating floors.

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