Protiler: the new system for the laying of Profilpas

What are floor levelling systems

Modern floor levelling systems are becoming increasingly popular as they revolutionise the world of laying and can achieve optimal results with simplicity and speed and get perfectly levelled floors by eliminating the “teeth” between tiles. In the production of ceramics in large formats and long and narrow formats, during the heating stage the tiles tend to acquire slight deformations that create small differences in height or imperfections. Such imperfections manifest themselves at the level of laying in the form of small “teeth” at the tips of the tiles that need to be levelled. Profilpas offers its customers a very quick system to level tiles: Protiler.

Protiler of Profilpas

Protiler is a levelling system for the laying of ceramic and stone tiles. Suitable for thickness from 3 to 12 mm, it prevents the vertical movement between the individual tiles during the setting phase of the adhesive. This system is used quickly both for floors and for wall cladding: thanks to its simplicity and functionality it can be used by individuals and fans of DIY as well as by professionals. Profilpas offers, together with this product, even the Protiler pliers, which, indicated especially for large surface areas, allow to speed up the work.

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Adjustable Traction Pliers Protiler

Adjustable traction pliers

The other components of Protiler, in addition to adjustable traction pliers, are the wedges and joints. All this is offered separately or in the Protiler Kit that contains all the laying accessories.

With regard to spacers we have the crosswise type and the T type.

Protiler Kit

Protiler Kit

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