Light connects with design: Profilpas LED light profiles


The evolution of light in interior design

Light is an essential element for living spaces, both public and private, and, as many other furnishing elements, it has been affected by a real evolution over time. Firstly light was used as functional item to light up spaces and make them cozy and safe, while today it is also used as decoration and essential part to make the room stylish. Therefore, the boundary between light and design is not separated anymore but is a fine and imperceptible line.

Formerly, light was a synonym of the simple and functional lamp hung from the ceiling, from the wall or floor-standing. On the contrary, today new technologies have been introduced in the market by mixing light with architecture and design. LED light is an example and is more and more used as decoration to arouse the attention to a specific object (as in showcases) or just to create pleasant aesthetic effects, enriching and defining spaces.

Profilpas LED light profiles

The scenic design is assured with finishing LED light profiles: light becomes a real design furniture element, creating new space concepts.

Following these changes, Profilpas has created Prolight, a full range of listellos, stair nosing profiles and skirting boards with LED technology.

The listellos Prolight Prolist are real “light blades” that cross the walls, vertically or horizontally, by adding value and personality to spaces. Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens to frame mirrors and walls, Prolight Prolist listellos are available in three versions: two of them with horizontal direct light (LLA/20 and LLA/30) and one of them with vertical light (TLA/10).

LED Light Profiles - Listellos Prolight Prolist LL_A20 LL_A30 TLA_10

LED light profiles – listellos Prolight Prolist LLA/20, LLA/30, TLA/10

The LED light skirting boards Prolight Metal Line and Prolight Iceberg are innovative skirting boards that, thanks to the LED light, delimits the perimeter of the room where they are installed, thus creating new space concepts. Prolight Metal Line, in anodised aluminium, is characterized by an horizontal light stripe adjustable with dimmer for the right lighting, while Prolight Iceberg, in the same material, is characterized by vertical light spots that spread over the wall, thus highlighting finishing details. The latter are suitable for museums, hotels, offices but also simply for private houses.

LED Light Skirting Boards - Prolight Metal Line 89 6L

Prolight Metal Line

LED Light Skirting Boards - Prolight Iceberg

Prolight Iceberg

The LED light stair nosing profiles Prolight Prostep and Protect, both in anodised aluminium, adds safety to design. The former stands out for the light facing downwards, thus spreading softly over surfaces, while the latter is characterized by the frontally direct light. These stair nosing profiles are perfect for modern and design places and spaces such as clubs, cinemas, offices and ships where safety is an essential element.

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