The invisible skirting board

Invisible skirting board: what is it?

Furnishings are able to radically transform your home’s appearance: just one piece of furniture or one lamp is enough to personalise a room. But even the most minute finishes and details play their role. The latest solutions developed by designers and architects strive increasingly towards minimalism, expressed, for example, in the form of what we call the invisible skirting board.

This type of skirting board is the ideal solution for all those who want their skirting board to be hardly noticeable and not bulky at all. It is for all those looking for a very discreet skirting board to serve as a real element of design, minimising the break between the wall and the floor.

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Profilpas invisible skirting board models

There are five invisible skirting board models (also called hidden or flush-with-the-wall baseboards) offered by Profilpas, all belonging to the Metal Line range: 87/6, 88/6, 99/C, 100 and 101.

Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6 are invisible skirting boards for plaster and plasterboard, made up of two separate parts. The basic element is made of natural aluminium and is complete with a wood insert available in different types of wood and finishes. Once complete, the skirting board has the optical effect of being fully integrated into the wall surface.


Invisible Skirting Board - Metal Line 87/6

Metal Line 87/6

The invisible skirting board 99/C is made with a natural aluminium base that is easy to install to the wall using adhesives or screws and dowels. Next, the operation is completed by inserting an insert made of anodised aluminium or coated with an Alcrom® Plus film.

Whereas Metal Line 100 in anodised aluminium is available in two heights and is suitable for plasterboard panels applied directly into the wall. The skirting board is easy to apply thanks to the use of suitable adhesives. Lastly, Metal Line 101, also in anodised aluminium, is particularly suitable for applications directly onto rough wall. The skirting board is applied using special adhesives before smoothing over the wall.

Invisible Skirting Board - Metal Line 100

Metal Line 100

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