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How to hide the electric cables

Technology has enhanced the quality of life but has not contributed to make the interior design more beautiful and practical. The jungle of electric cables – among state-of-the-art televisions, battery chargers for smartphones and computers – has invaded every corner of the house unaesthetically. So, how to hide the electric cables?

Sometimes finding the right solutions is not so easy. If the problem is just a cable, such as that of the telephone, you can conceal it with a special decoration. You just need to use the same paint of the wall: in this way, the cable seems to be a detail in relief.  How to hide the electric cables that are free? In this case, you can rely on your creativity, by changing the cables into a small artwork, for example by painting the sheath that protects the cables, or by buying a convenient and practical skirting board.

How to hide the electric cables - Metal Line 97/8

Metal Line 97/8

The skirting board Metal Line 97/8 hides the electric cables elegantly

How to hide the electric cables when they are many and long? The most practical solution is covering them completely. Therefore, we suggest using a skirting board.

→ Find out more on the advantages of the skirting boards for concealing cables!

Profilpas offers a skirting board characterized by a modern design in order to combine practicality with aesthetic appearance. The skirting board Metal Line 97/8 is in aluminium and perfectly outlines the connection between the floor and the wall. This model has been specifically studied to contain cables thanks to a specific conduit in PVC that can be fixed to the wall with screws and dowels and works as fastening element for the skirting board. Not only is Metal Line 97/8 an aesthetic solution to the cables matter, but it also is easy to install,  through the only use of natural aluminium supports that are fixed to the wall with screws and dowels.

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