How to furnish a terrace with style

How to furnish a roofed terrace

A terrace is a fortune for those who love staying outdoors: both for an aperitif with friends or for a simple breakfast with the family, if furnished with style and functionality, the terrace can really become a magic place. Moreover, if this corner is protected and roofed, you can choose furniture and accessories without being afraid of bad weather. So, how to furnish a roofed terrace?

First of all, if you have to decide how to furnish a roofed terrace, you should consider the available space and the consequent purpose. If you prefer to create an intimate space, away from prying eyes and suitable for relaxing, the choice will be the classic wicker chair with a contemporary design. Another idea? The suspended hammock, an essential object for those who wish to reproduce a bohemian corner that can be enriched with a colourful carpet or a trunk full of books. For those who love spending time with friends and having dinner outdoors, the key elements will be surely the table and the chairs, preferably in a material that is suitable for the outdoors. In the end, how to furnish a roofed terrace without plants? Indeed, greenery is important to create a convivial and comfortable atmosphere. After thinking about furnishings, you should concentrate your attention on details.

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Functional and top-quality solutions for the terrace

Profilpas knows how much the protection of the outside borders of terraces and balconies is important, and, exactly for this reason, has created Protec CPCV and CPGV.

How to furnish a roofed terrace - Protec CPGV

Protec CPGV

Protec CPCV includes a series of edging profiles for the protection and the finishing of the outside borders of terraces and balconies. Available in colour-coated aluminium and designed with a cantilevered part, they can be used with tile thicknesses until 21 mm.

CPGV profiles have a vertical part that covers the floor border and allows the outflow of rainwater from the tile surface, and a cantilevered part with holes that allow a further outflow of rainwater that has seeped through the tile surface. The full range of Profilpas profile for balconies is available in different finishes of colour-coated aluminium and is produced with top-quality materials: the guarantee for a perfect conservation of the terrace over time.

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