How to choose the colours for the walls

How to choose the colours for the walls for “dressing” the interior spaces

Identifying the right furniture for the housing space and even thinking about how to choose the colours for the walls may be a challenge. The different shades are always connected to a strictly personal taste and the colours can make the difference in the room’s dimension and in its practical use. Indeed, changing the colours of the rooms allows to create optical effects that reduce the space and make it more harmonious and pleasant. With this practical guide about how to choose the colours for the walls, we’ll give you the most useful advice for creating a perfect house.

Several years ago, people opted for just one light colour, such as white. This is because a too-strong and unusual shade is sometimes a risk: it may annoy and make a space too dark or strong. In addition to your personal taste, you should consider the exposure to natural light, the artificial light and the kind of furniture. A small but original suggestion: before choosing the right shade, consider the Feng Shui discipline which will inspire you to discover the most suitable tones.

Now, let’s focus on how to choose the colours for the walls: first of all, check how much and how your house is illuminated. If it is characterized by natural sunlight and has a good interior lighting system, you can dare and use dark and cold nuances. However, we suggest not to overdo it.

An idea is to alternate dark colours and light ones, such as white, cream, light grey and powder pink. Those who live in a ultra-contemporary house characterized by a minimalist style can highlight the objects by creating a contrast between white and black in order to decorate all the house, from the living to the sleeping areas.

How to Choose the Colours for the Walls

Prolist Design – S Design

How to choose the colours for the walls and how to embellish them with the decorative listellos Prolist Design

After having realized how to choose the colours for the walls, you can add details in order to give a touch of originality to the house. The decorative listellos for walls are a simple and impressive idea to give a further touch of style to the walls. Wherever there is a tiled covering, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, but also in the living room or in a store, these furnishing finishes create endless aesthetic combinations.
With its line of profiles and skirting boards dedicated to the world of design and architecture, Profilpas offers different possibilities of chromatic combinations to create stylish spaces and decorate modern tiled coverings. The decorative listellos Prolist Design include two finishes: chromium-plated stainless steel S Design and anodised aluminium X Design. Created for interior designers and architects by following the latest trends of modern design, these finishes allow a wide selection of combinations.

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