Decorative sealing profiles

Decorative sealing profiles: what are they and why are they useful?

Aesthetics is an important feature in dwellings, shops and exhibition spaces: indeed, a nice, tidy and pleasant location is an important element to make a good first impression on guests, customers and visitors. For this reason, we should not underestimate details. This is why we are going to talk about decorative sealing profiles: small details that make a big difference!

The range of decorative sealing profiles includes both decorative listellos and external corners profiles: ideal items to finish every kind of location. There are many of them on the market which can satisfy every type of need and can adapt to the different architectural tastes, from the classical to the modern ones.

Profilpas offers a wide range of decorative sealing profiles: Prolist is a selection of decorative listellos, specifically designed to create refined aesthetic effects on tiled walls and floors.

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Decorative sealing profiles for external corners

Profilpas also offers many lines of external corners profiles, designed to make rooms more beautiful and safer at the same time.

Protrim is a line specifically created to seal and protect the external corners in order to cover the unsightly edge. It is also available in stainless steel and it offers a unique combination of design and practicality, assuring a high resistance to corrosion and chemical agents. Differently, Protrim Rpa coextruded is characterized by the PVC inserts: in this way, it absorbs micro-movements that affect the corners of the room.

Proangle F stands out for its triangular shape and its great aesthetic quality. Proangle Q is particularly indicated to seal and protect external corners, floors and edges of steps, while Procorner M, perfect for surfaces with tiles already laid, is also available in self-adhesive version.

Decorative Sealing Profiles - Proangle F

Proangle F

In conclusion, the decorative sealing profiles Cerfix Protop have been specifically designed to protect worktops and kitchens, while the Proboard ILN line, made of stainless steel, is recommended for accidents prevention or places where a high hygienic safety is required.

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