Profilpas on Arketipo: Metal Line skirting boards on the reference magazine for the world of design

Arketipo Magazine: Profilpas Metal line skirting boards on the magazine

Arketipo Magazine, the international review of architecture and building engineering, is the point of reference for the world of design. This magazine focuses on the ongoing projects with detailed information, thus addressing interesting contents and useful advice to professionals.

Every publication focuses on a main topic and, in the June issue dedicated to metals [click here to read an extract], Profilpas is present with an article about Metal Line skirting boards.

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Arketipo Magazine - Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90 skirting board in silver anodised aluminium

Available in aluminium and stainless steel, these skirting boards are a perfect bond between elegance and functionality and adapt to different spaces and styles thanks to the variety of available models, such as Metal Line 89 with a square shape or Metal Line 90 with a more classical and essential line. [click here to read the article]

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